The Creators

Carol Stevens, Illustrator

The Girl Who Wanted to Be An Artist

Artist Carol Stevens loves that she gets to illustrate picture books! Graduating with a BFA in Illustration, Carol has worked as a graphic designer and free-lance illustrator while raising 5 children. With the WantsToBe series, she combines her distinctive style of clean lines and vibrant colors to these stories about animals who persevere.

When her youngest was born (10 years after her 4th child) she needed some new material for bedtime storytelling. The concept for the WantsToBe series came from those busy times as a Mom with teenagers and a toddler. Carol's youngest son would choose two animals, and she would make up a story about one animal turning into a mashup of the other (sorry if that just gave away the ending)! Her son enjoyed the stories so much, and they were so funny, that Carol decided that this concept would be her first picture book series.

Valerie Harmon, Author

The Girl Who Wanted to Be a Writer

Author Valerie Harmon feels thrilled that she gets to write the WantsToBe children stories. When she read aloud her first draft of The Snake Who Wanted To Be A Horse and it made her children laugh, she knew this was the project for her.

Valerie graduated with a BA in English, and since then has focused on mothering her children, editing books for publication and teaching writing on the side. 
She has six children (her youngest is 4) and she hopes these books make your child laugh too!

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